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Cast iron pots and pans rank among the most enduring cooking tools, capable of withstanding considerable use and abuse while being passed down through generations when properly cared for. Even antique cast iron cookware discovered in shops can be easily restored for daily use, offering both cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability. Walrus Oil Cast Iron Oil features a straightforward formulation, made of polymerizing Safflower Oil and plant-derived Vitamin E. This specific Safflower Oil variant boasts an exceptional combination of a high smoke point and thin viscosity, making it the optimal choice for seasoning cast iron. Its ability to penetrate the metal effortlessly and develop durable layers over time, even when applied without oven heat, sets it apart. Application is a breeze – simply apply a thin coat to all surfaces to prevent rust and reinforce the surface as it continues to be used.

Available Sizes: 8 oz.

 Safflower Oil, Plant-Derived Vitamin E.

Project Ideas: Restoring Antique Cast Iron, Maintaining New Cast Iron, Preventing Rust on Cast Iron Tools and Hardware.
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