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TREE playing cards

TREE playing cards

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Every single card was hand-drawn and tree-inspired. Whether you're a lover of games, admirer of forests, or simply enjoy seeing woodland creatures reign - this unique deck is a must-have.

54 unique, hand-drawn woodlands designs, each card suit featuring a different wilderness. With each successive card, you see the respective suits grow and change.

   ♠:  Evergreen Forest
   ♡:  Branching Olive Tree
   ♣:  Budding Leaf Venation
   ♢:  Birch Tree Grove

The reigning animals correspond to the suit's tree-theme. A mama bear rules as Queen in ♠'s Evergreen Forest; a jackrabbit acts as Jack in ♢'s Birch Tree Grove; the King of ♡'s Branching Olive Tree is a regal owl. With numerous nature-inspired details, you're sure to find something new to love every time you play.

•    High-quality, black core cardstock
•    Semi-gloss, textured finish
•    Green, Blue, Gold, and Sand color theme
•    FSC Certified
     (Forest Stewardship Council)

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